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Brief Client Profile:

Our client is a fast growing, national chain of branded hotels managed by a parent group, who lead the way in the UK leisure sector.

Past client issues:

1. Coping with a growing business and all the financial pressures to process information on a volume basis.

2. Serious issues with recruitment and training.

3. Difficulties in keeping up contact with a vast array of suppliers.

4. Staff issues with maternity and paternity leave and downtime through sickness and absenteeism.

GI’s Service offering:

Having spent a short time getting accustomed to our client’s working practices and operating culture, GI have quickly moved in to help assist the client to grow the business by:

1. Offering a flexible accounting service with the ability of scalability to rise and fall with seasonal peaks and troughs.

2. All purchases for the Group, all supplier calls and part of the sales ledger is now managed by GI.

3. The Group now has a growing portfolio of 12 branded hotels (including Holiday Inn and Crown Plaza).

4. The Group FC is on record to have said that GI’s involvement has saved the Group some 30%-40% in staff costs and in-house expenditure.

5. This client was introduced to GI by another prominent hotel group as a measure of their trust and confidence in our consistent quality of work and service delivery.

5. Our services have been running smoothly for over 2 years, without compromise on quality and with guaranteed mission critical deadlines.

A few words from our client:

“From a cost point of view, it makes perfect sense and is very cost effective...”

“They deal directly with suppliers and have all the details. We expect them to pick up the phone and deal with it...”

“GI, for us, stood out as a company, they know about hotels and are the best partners to have on-board...”

“They are a very young and dynamic team which fits in well with our work model...”

The good thing about GI is that they are always contactable...”

Niel Hendriksz - Financial Manager (please check this link for the video testimonial

GI offer the same level of service you would get from an in-house, salaried team...for much less!

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