How to help your staff beat the winter blues

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Winter is a notoriously difficult period for businesses. Having indulged over Christmas and New Year it’s very difficult for employees to feel motivated when they get back to work. Productivity can often be low as staff struggle through the dark months with little to look forward to. But it doesn’t have to be like that. There are various ways you can help your staff beat the winter blues.

Here we’ve got a few tips on how you can do just that:

Offer incentives

Offering staff performance incentives is a great way to keep motivation levels high. Offer them the chance to experience corporate entertainment at Manchester United if they hit their targets, or think about organising some team building sessions such as a day out paintballing or an activity weekend. Not only will this break up the monotony of a difficult month, it will also ensure your staff are striving to improve their productivity.

Prepare for the most common day of the year

The seasonal blues tend to hit a high on the third Monday of the year making it the most popular day for a sick day. To try and beat this why not organise a specific event to make this Monday pass a little easier? You could arrange a charity fancy dress day or come up with other fun ideas. Make sure you communicate this to staff early so they have something to look forward to.

Involve employees in the business plan for the coming year

Try and involve your employees at every opportunity you can. A top technique to do this is to get them thinking about a business plan for the coming year. This doesn’t have to be for the entire company, but can just be for the individual teams that they work in. Knowing what their goals are for the next twelve months and putting in place a plan of how they’ll achieve them is sure to get staff thinking of other things than the winter blues.

Start up internal events

It isn’t just Christmas time when offices can enjoy internal events; try and keep this going into the New Year and keep those happy feelings emanating throughout your office. This could be a themed day or a night out for a particular team or department. Not only will this keep interest high within the company, you’ll also be reminding employees of their value to the business – something which is bound to be matched with loyalty.

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