I.F.A. comments on Keytime Final Accounts and Corporation Tax Professional

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The following are excerpts from the IFA review of the Keytime Accountants Suite.

The main function of this programme is to complete the return for Inland Revenue purposes, showing the changes from final accounts and calculating any tax due.

The authorities have requested that all forms are to be completed electronically within the next few years. This is a fine example of how the electronic world has come to be.

The method of entries such as that for Capital Allowances is user friendly and as such it is felt that a non tax person could quite confidently complete this form to a draft stage.

The main function of this programme is the production of final accounts from the initial entry bookkeeping as provided by a client.

The final accounts production programme is well written with a good mapping against other programmes in the market place. This means that data can be easily transferred from other software via a CSV file. This can save the individual accountant quite a lot of time as all accountants are aware clients use all sorts of software programmes for computing accounts.

This is equally so with that of sole traders, partnerships or limited companies. The producing of final accounts is easy to use with push button availability such as the switching between full accounts and abbreviated accounts as required for filing at Companies House when looking at a limited company. Other systems in the marketplace are more tedious than this

No obligation on-line product demonstrations for the Keytime Accountants' Suite can be organised by clicking on https://www.accountingweb.co.uk/members/keytime/demo.html

For further information on special offers available please contact Keytime on 0845 456 3103, or via www.keytime.co.uk or by email to [email protected]

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