Invu and PracticeWEB partner to provide secure exchange of documents for Accountants and IFAS

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PracticeWEB’s Secure Document Exchange portal now reinforced with Invu’s Document Management Software to allow accountants and IFAs to securely transfer, edit and exchange documents with their customers.

Invu, the leading provider of document management software to UK accountants, has partnered with PracticeWEB, the UK’s largest provider of web and content solutions to the UK’s accountancy and independent financial adviser (IFA) professions. The partnership will enable firms to provide secure, audited and version-controlled exchange of documents between themselves and their clients online via an API that will integrate directly with their document management system.

PracticeWEB, part of Sift, is a Software as a Service (SaaS) business for the UK professional services industry with currently 1,100 clients.  PracticeWEB’s Landscape platform gives its clients in the accountancy and independent financial adviser (IFA) professions, unprecedented control of their website. With complete command over content, SEO, new pages and navigation, the Landscape platform capitalises on intuitive design techniques to promote relevant services to site visitors.

Invu is partnering with PracticeWEB to support its Secure Document Exchange client portal within the Landscape platform. Invu’s document management system will allow a simple but secure exchange of financial documents between accountants and their clients, with all transactions overseen by Invu’s audit and version controls.

The integration of Invu’s software with the Landscape platform will become available after the end of the tax filing deadline year in January 2011, using Invu’s latest software version, released at the same time. Invu has adopted a “works with” approach which will also enable this technology to be used with other portal functions.

With an increasing industry-wide pressure to ensure that sensitive financial and personal documents are protected, this partnership mitigates against the inherent risks in data and document transfer and ensures client confidentiality, without restricting access to key documents.

Richard Sergeant, PracticeWEB Managing Director, comments

"Our overall aim is to provide the ultimate package of technology tools to professional service firms, and in particular those within the accountancy and IFA markets. We have a strong determination to tackle industry issues with the most appropriate and effective technology possible, and our partnership with Invu is an ideal example of this. What a firm can now benefit from is an extension of the document management system from an essentially internal tool, to one to one that brings client service and interaction directly into the workflow. In other words a complete document transfer service that carries with it a guarantee of sensitive treatment of information and secure transmission.”

Colin Gallick, Invu CEO, comments

“We are delighted to be partnering with PracticeWEB. This is functionality which we know our customers are eager to use and have benefited hugely from to date, so it makes great sense to work with existing specialist providers. PracticeWEB’s proven pedigree in the professional services space, and in particular the accountancy and IFA industry, allows us greater access to this market and an opportunity to further cement Invu’s place in the accountancy profession.”

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