MYOB announce the release of PerTAX V10.10

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MYOB today announced the release of PerTAX V10.10. This release enables ELS and Filing On Line. At this time, MYOB are the only software house to have HMRC recognition for all forms for Individuals, Partnerships and Trusts.

In addition to the enabling of these functions, PerTAX V10.10 incorporates a Filing On Line audit trail. This will facilitate the statutory requirements to retain a record of the file transmitted to HMRC and the responses received back. Also, any actions taken during the Filing On Line process are automatically logged in the Audit Trail.

Anne Porter, Tax Product Manager said today,'This release follows Version 10, which for the ninth consecutive year was the first Personal Tax April update to hit the market.'

The PerTAX product name is synonymous with speed, efficiency and professional compliance. As with all previous and future releases, we have ensured our users have every possible facility at their fingertips to assist with compliance works and tax return filing. In addition to that, we have provided these facilities as completely and as quickly as possible.

About MYOB

MYOB is a global provider of solutions that liberate business owners and accountants from the burden of day to day administration, empowering them to achieve business success.

MYOB develops and delivers award-winning software, services and support for more than 500,000 businesses and over 10,000 accounting practices worldwide.Owner-operated businesses are the most dynamic force in the world economy and yet they are universally challenged by limited resources. MYOB uses its knowledge, expertise and scale to help them build better businesses.MYOB also works directly with accounting practices to streamline their processes and maximise their productivity. MYOB solutions are used by leading accounting practices from tax agents and sole practitioners to the 'Big 4' firms.Through its understanding and partnership with both business owners and accountants, MYOB strives to further enhance the links between them for their mutual benefit.
MYOB Limited is a public company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX symbol 'MYO').

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