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We have launched Sage Payroll v11 which will help both you and your clients keep on top of the legislation that affects payroll.

It is essential that you and your clients have a flexible payroll system that can cope with the multitude of regulations, assessments from the IR, benefits agency and requests from employees. That's why Sage Payroll v11 has been launched - to offer you more control.

If you run a payroll bureau service then the new features in version 11 coupled with the global functionality of the Sage Payroll Bureau Solution will give you the ability to run payroll faster, more accurately and in a more cost-effective way. Find out more about the Sage Payroll Bureau Solution here.

For those of your clients who wish to run their payroll in-house, or for those who have outgrown a bureau service, the next logical step is Sage Payroll software of their own. As a trusted business adviser you can help your clients run their payroll more efficiently by recommending Sage Payroll v11. Find out more about the benefits of Sage Payroll v11 range for your clients here.

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