New Year, New functionality from Aqilla - Release 1401 Now Out

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A new year and new functionality is now available for all users of Aqilla, the best mid-market, multi-currency accounting solution. As a cloud accounting specialist we understand the needs of the modern enterprise and so have introduced a whole range of new capabilities in the core product, available today. Amongst the new functionality some key changes relate to the following: 

Reverse Charge VAT

A new enhancement allows the reporting of Reverse Charge VAT if it is applicable to your business. This current "hot topic" with HMRC is now a vital part of the EU tax system, and means that in certain situations the VAT cost is transferred from the person making a sale to the person receiving the sale, i.e. VAT is declared by the customer rather than supplier.  We are happy to provide more details upon request.

Account Reconciliation Report

Cheques! Aren't they great? Well not really, especially when they are held and presented late.  Anyway, the reconciliation reporting in Aqilla has now been enhanced to capture the date that a transaction is processed on the bank statement and use this date for sequencing the report instead of the date that was entered in the ledger. Thus if a cheque is processed in the ledger on the 15th December but is not processed into the bank account until the 5th January, the report will show the cheque as being processed on the 5th January.  

Personnel – User Types 

A new flag has been added to the Personnel user information to explicitly define which licence type applies to the user. This flag defines what fees will be applied and what tabs are available (subject to any additional restrictions imposed by the user’s roles and permissions). As is normal an Aqilla Pro User has access to all functions and a Core User is limited to a home screen, processing documents, enquiries and running reports.  The Line of Business User additionally has access to Reference tab to set up new suppliers, projects, employees etc.

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Aqilla is a modern, Cloud accounting solution designed specifically to suit the demands of mid-sized businesses.  Aqilla takes a smart and uncomplicated, document-centric approach to accounting.  Although Aqilla is straightforward to use and to deploy, the analysis options are almost limitless.  The software comes with; Sales, Purchase and General Ledgers, Cash Matching, Sales and Purchase Order and Invoicing, Timesheets, Expense Processing, Project Costing and Budgeting.  Cloud-based Aqilla is available from as little as £50 per user per month.

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