Pegasus Software launches Opera 3 Subscription Service

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Pegasus Software launches Opera 3 Subscription for greater choice, ROI and flexibility    

21st March 2012 – Pegasus Software, a leading supplier of accounting, business and payroll software, today announced the availability of Opera 3 on a subscription basis, a new pricing proposition which offers customers greater flexibility in accessing the software, while improving cashflow and return on investment (ROI).            

Available over a term of one, two, three or four years, Opera 3 Subscription starts at just £136 per month for a single user.  Additional applications can be added as required and through adopting the subscription model, customers are also entitled to free software upgrades, eliminating additional costs and administration.    

“As economic conditions remain challenging, organisations are demanding increasing levels of flexibility and choice in their business software, and traditional models need to be revisited to ensure they are aligned with the needs of the market,” comments Stuart Anderson, Director, Sales & Marketing, Pegasus Software.  “Opera 3 Subscription addresses this shift through enabling customers to adopt either a one, two, three or four year term, with monthly payments which are commensurate with the length of the contract, in the same way as, say, a mobile phone contract works.”    

“Opera 3 is a fully integrated business solution, encompassing all aspects of running a business, from finance, payroll and HR to supply chain management, document management, CRM and service management.  However crucially, the subscription model allows relevant applications to be added as the business evolves, without interruption and upfront cost.” 


About Pegasus Software

With over 20,000 companies depending on its range of business management systems, Pegasus ( is one of the UK and Irelands leading providers of Financial, CRM, Supply Chain Management, Payroll & HR solutions. Together with business intelligence tools and software for the manufacturing and construction industries, Pegasus prides itself on producing intelligent solutions that deliver the highest levels of functionality to small and medium-sized businesses. Users of Pegasus products are supported by over 80 certified independent experts and business consultants across the UK and Ireland. Pegasus is renowned for excellence in design and flexibility.

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