Peter Ewen, managing director at ABN AMRO Commercial Finance, urges businesses to grow their way to recovery.

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The economic uncertainty of the past few years has impacted almost all businesses in the UK, but none more so than SMEs, many of which have had to undergo big changes in their fight for survival. Tough times have forced many of these companies to streamline their business models, cutting the ‘flab’ and excess out of their operations by reducing costs and trimming headcounts.

Now, many of these newly-lithe businesses are actually finding themselves in a strong position to innovate and grow. ABN AMRO Commercial Finance’s recent research found that many SMEs are sitting on cash and not investing it because of the uncertain economic climate. These businesses are leaner and meaner than ever before, primed to take advantage of the opportunities to innovate and invest intelligently in growth.

Whether diversifying services, exploring export opportunities, restructuring or refinancing operations or looking to take advantage of mergers and acquisitions; there are many potential opportunities out there for businesses with the confidence to put their heads above the parapet.

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