Practically speaking – Jordans May seminars announced

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 Jordans acclaimed Practically Speaking seminars are designed to provide busy accountants with practical guidance on current issues.  The seminar season  kicks off again with a series of breakfast briefings focusing on a range of topics.  All CPD accredited, they cover a range of issues vital to anyone involved in supporting businesses.

15 May -  Royal Scots Club, EDINBURGH

Company law and administration – what you need to know

Over 90% of the 2.5 million companies on the UK companies register are small companies. Recognising this fact, company law was intended to be simplified and modernised by the Companies Act 2006.  It turned out to be the largest Act ever passed by the UK Parliament and complex issues remain. This seminar will identify the most important legal issues and provide a practical approach to dealing with them.  

Speaker : Cecile Gillard, Burton Sweet

24 May - Museum of the Order of St John, LONDON

What happens when companies go wrong?

Even with the very best of intentions, sometimes things do go wrong. For companies, the consequences of falling foul of their compliance obligations can be disastrous, both commercially and financially.  For their advisers the pressure is on then to put things right, with more than time and money at stake. 

Speakers :  Peter van Duzer Kathleen O’Reilly and Neil Butler, Companies House

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