Premier League Payments Management Solution for Blackburn Rovers FC

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Blackburn Rovers FC uses Albany ePAY and disaster recovery from Albany Software to streamline payment process and ensure business continuity for in-house data.

Blackburn Rovers FC today announces it has purchased Albany ePAY from the pioneering developer of electronic payment software solutions - Albany Software, together with disaster recovery software in the event of emergency or unforeseen circumstances. The football club required a reliable and trustworthy in-house payment solution that would protect the sensitivity of their payment information, as well as having full disaster recovery capabilities in place. Deploying the Albany ePAY solution will provide Blackburn Rovers FC with an intelligent payments management solution, streamlining the process of making approximately 800 payments per month and ensuring business continuity at all times.

Albany ePAY is a highly-scalable, intelligent multi-payment routing solution that has the capability to integrate, connect and deliver from any existing accounting infrastructure. When Blackburn Rovers FC's existing payments system began to fail, a new payments management solution was required to replace it as quickly as possible. Indeed, it was ePAY's ability to integrate with any accounting or payroll environment that contributed to Blackburn Rovers FC selecting Albany Software as its payment solutions provider of choice.

Barbara Hoyle, Financial Controller at Blackburn Rovers FC, explains, "Our previous payments system was installed on a very old computer, and was never quite up to speed in terms of the functionality and updates. Wanting to move the system on to new PCs, we were told that rather than go through a simple re-installation of the software, we would be required to re-purchase the system altogether. This gave us the opportunity to review the whole market for the best solution that could seamlessly slot into its place, and ePAY from Albany Software did just this."

Hoyle continues, "We use ePAY to process payments to everyone, from the football players themselves, to our club staff and suppliers. Our stewards' payroll is based on when the football games are played, and therefore both the number of actual payments made and the amounts of each payment can vary hugely month by month. Albany Software's ePAY solution is flexible enough to be able to deal with our ad hoc system, processing with ease payments which vary hugely in size."

Blackburn Rovers FC has also selected Albany Software's disaster recovery software to guarantee that contingency capabilities are in place at all times. Should Blackburn Rovers FC's in-house payments system ever suffer from a loss of power, opting for Albany Software's disaster recovery solution in addition to its own in-house solution guarantees a much higher percentage of uptime and data accessibility.

Hoyle concludes, "We have been delighted with the excellent customer service we have received from Albany Software. Their dedicated support team has been on hand throughout; from implementation to the training, right through to providing additional technical support. I have to say, the whole process from quote to implementation was impressive and with full disaster recovery capabilities also in place, we are confident that even the most sensitive of our payments data is always safe in the hands of Albany Software." 

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