QuickBooks RTI Wizard takes stress out of payroll change

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QuickBooks Payroll now includes an RTI Wizard making it easy for accountants to prepare for the changes to payroll in plenty of time for the April 2013 deadline.

Real Time Information (RTI) is a new payroll legislation being introduced by HMRC that requires employers to submit information to HMRC every time they pay an employee. QuickBooks Payroll is RTI-ready and will allow employers to automatically file their reports to HMRC with just a few clicks, saving them time each pay run.

The new QuickBooks RTI Wizard helps business prepare for RTI by highlighting where new information is required and by allowing users to validate their employee information already registered in QuickBooks.

“The first thing employers need to do with RTI is make a one-off ‘Payroll Alignment Submission’ to HMRC,” said Diana Flier, product management leader, Intuit. “This is to ensure that both the employer and HMRC hold a consistent view of the employees on the PAYE scheme. The RTI Wizard helps make it easy for employers to become compliant by guiding them through this important step of the process.”

Intuit has been involved in HMRC's RTI pilot since April 2012 and many businesses are already using QuickBooks to submit RTI information as part of the pilot.

For more information visit www.intuit.co.uk/rti.

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