Reasons to get excited about this year’s Budget

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PracticeWEB Managing Director, Richard Sergeant talks us through some of the prep taking place here ahead of this year's budget

It's not always easy to get excited about the Budget. But I still do. It's a bit different to the reasons why most of our clients do, but I at least I can admit to it. Being a bit nerdy and geeky about it that is.

For me it’s twofold. The first is getting the best and most accurate coverage and report produced and live, online and in PDF format, as quickly as possible.

The other is to make sure that what we do is the VERY best possible.

And that’s the challenge. How do you keep things useful, informative and arguably a little dry, and make sure you innovate and keep making it as fresh as possible each year?

To be honest the answer is pretty simple. Put the hours in! Oh and have the best team on hand...

Here's what we've done so far:

  • 24 hours of design time
  • 12 hours of layout trials
  • 10 hours of content planning meetings
  • 26 hours of content writing and preparation
  • Reorganisation and finalisation of the core budget team and responsibilities
  • Client design feedback and assessment of improvements requested after the Autumn Statement
  • 1 very expensive lunch with George Osborne to make sure he sends us all the announcements the night before.

And that's just the prep.

But I have to say its looking pretty good! Have you checked out the covers our designer Yunmie created?

And did you see the copy of last year’s report and seen how great the layout looked?

This year’s layouts are even better, but under wraps (trade secrets and all that).

You all know about Mark Lloydbottom, and Rebecca Benneyworth, but do you know about Daniel Mehmet?

Daniel leads our Budget team this year after joining us as a core part of the Business Link website content team, and Budget veteran. One day we'll get him to recount his tales of working for HM Stationery Office...actually being the man with an embargoed copy of the chancellor’s speech on his desk ready to publish online.

All those press releases and documents we've relied on for years have passed through his hands...and on to your budget report. There’s a great symmetry there.

So, come what may in the budget speech, you can be totally sure that we've already put the time, effort, expertise, energy, and enthusiasm in. And the only thing we can then hope for is that you like it as much as we do, and that your clients think you are the heroes you are.

Just in case you're not a client, or still haven't purchased any report service yet, we'd love to show what we can do and love to give you a quote.

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