Seawhite of Brighton upgrades to Opera 3 to improve reporting and decision making

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Seawhite of Brighton, a supplier and manufacturer of art and design materials to the education and retail sectors, has upgraded its accounting software to Opera 3 from Pegasus, an award winning supplier of accounting, business and payroll software.  The upgrade has delivered improved reporting capabilities to Seawhite which in turn are facilitating enhanced decision making at the firm.

With a turnover of £8 million, Seawhite employs 55 people and has customers in the UK, across the EU, as well as Norway and Switzerland.  Seawhite is headquartered in West Sussex and has a warehouse in Derbyshire.

An existing Pegasus customer, having moved from Sage many years ago, Seawhite decided to upgrade to Opera 3 to take advantage of the improved reporting capabilities.  Seawhite can now quickly and easily export business critical data such as sales information from the financials into an excel spread sheet where it can be analysed and action taken where necessary.  Opera 3 also provides Seawhite with clearer insight into how much its imported items actually cost by capturing data such as transport and clearing charges with the landed costs calculation.

Additionally, features like Open Period Accounting and Journal Rectification mean that incorrect data entries can be adjusted – simplifying accounts processes.
 “Opera 3 has been one of the best investments Seawhite has made,” says Shaun Tobin, managing director, Seawhite.  “Instead of having vital business information hidden away in the financial system, we are now able to analyse it to see the bigger business performance picture.  As well as providing a stable environment for day to day processing such as sales order or invoicing, we’re also using Opera 3 to assist with broader marketing activities by utilising its Sales Pipeline Management application. Now we can target the right contact with the right marketing material – improving service and growing the business as a result.
“Pegasus software has already been highly regarded by our teams and Opera 3 is no exception to this.  Its functionality and intuitive ease of use makes it readily accessible to all of our staff,  enhancing its reputation in the organisation further.

Seawhite has 25 users of Opera 3 throughout the business.  The solution touches all aspects of the company including sales, finance, purchasing, dispatching goods, goods-in and stock control. It is also accessed remotely by a director based in the Derbyshire warehouse.

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