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Compleat Software is a leading provider of smart spend software for all businesses. The powerful, modular software empowers businesses to eliminate paper, unite finance, procurement and budget holders and gain an accurate real-time view of company finances and budget availability. This “purchase to pay” software incorporates e-invoicing, purchase invoice approval, order and receipting, expenses and contracts.

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Are you ready to control spend?

From budget holders to procurement, there are many stakeholders who manage their own budgets and spend activity. Finance professionals need to make sure they've got full visibility of the spending activity taking place in their organisation to make sure spending is controlled. Without a spend control strategy for the entire purchase to pay process, finance professionals are left to play detective with approvals and invoices to make sure spend is being controlled. But the great news is that adopting a spend control strategy doesn’t mean a huge overhaul for your finance team or a large financial investment.