Cloud reality check 2017

Cloud accounting is an attractive option offering improved accessibility, flexibility and pay-as-you-go pricing. But there is no such thing as a technology "no brainer". Cloud systems come with new risks that merit deeper attention.

11th Jul 2017
The future of accounting is in the cloud. The improved accessibility and the pay-as-you-go model are some of its most attractive advantages...
15th Jun 2017
As part of our summer cloud reality check, Richard Sergeant looks at rapidly rising cloud subscription numbers and considers what they're...
29th Jun 2017
As cloud service subscriber numbers continue to rise, so do the issues of comparing applications to each other - both in terms of...
Storm clouds
14th Jun 2017
Kevin Phillips outlines the delicate balance for those wanting to realise the benefits of cloud computing but needing to comply with local...
Cloud reality check
8th Jun 2016
Cloud accounting has become a daily part of professional life. But has it all been plain sailing? And where is the trend leading us? This...