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No Accounting for Taste ep102: The mission for MTD ITSA software

‘The QuickBooks chap’ Aaron Patrick joins No Accounting for Taste to discuss the latest news and a sneak peak at MTD ITSA software. 

21st Oct 2021
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As the head of accounting at the online cloud accountancy firm Boffix, Patrick enjoys getting his hands on the latest accounting tech. Now wonder then that he was figuratively in the front row at the latest QuickBooks Connect event to learn more about their MTD ITSA offering. 

Patrick joins No Accounting for Taste regulars Richard Hattersley and John Stokdyk to explain more about his exploration into the great unknown of MTD ITSA software and his efforts to get into a beta. 

This week on the show, the AccountingWEB editorial team reviews the latest Westminster rumours and place their bets on the riders and runners for next week’s Budget. Will we be having a green Budget? Is Sunak going to pull a rabbit out of the hat?

In the other big stories shaking up the profession, the team explores some of the reasons behind the profession’s talent gap and asks: are the big software developers on the same wavelength as their accountant partners?

Stories discussed on the podcast

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