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No Accounting for Taste ep104: Practice bottlenecks intensify tax return season

‘Socks up’ Simon Chaplin joins No Accounting for Taste this week to examine the practice bottlenecks keeping practitioners awake during the winter months. 

18th Nov 2021
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As the author of Banish the Bottleneck, Simon Chaplin knows all too well the challenges that trip up accountancy firms. Now that the starting gun has been fired on self assessment season, we’re hearing early word that some practitioners are struggling with more bottlenecks as the post-Covid workload has intensified the busy season stress. 

Simon draws on his experience as the owner of the accountancy firm Greenstones to share advice on how accountants can navigate the bottlenecks. 

He also joins the AccountingWEB editorial team to look over the big headlines shaking up the profession this week. 

Unsurprisingly, Making Tax Digital continues to dominate the column inches. In the third most read article of the week, the co-founder of the six figure bookkeeper and friend of No Accounting for Taste Jo Wood asks: Do bookkeepers hold the answer to Making Tax Digital?

And then, the team takes a look at Jennifer Adam’s client segmentation advice for practitioners who are getting ready for MTD ITSA. 

And finally, the most read story this week was the news that Sky TV presenter Dave Clark lost his appeal against HMRC determinations totalling £281,084 for tax and NIC due from his company under the IR35 rules.

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By Moo
23rd Nov 2021 15:59

'Now that the starting gun has been fired on self assessment season'
Err, when was this comment written?
It is now late November and we have been bashing out SA returns for 5 months.
Why would I bother with comments from someone who has just fired the starting gun.

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