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No Accounting for Taste ep157: Double-cab pickups, SA stats and minimum wage issues

This week, the AccountingWEB team discusses recent news including the reversal of the double-cab pickups, self assessment statistics and employers who were named and shamed for not paying minimum wage. 

23rd Feb 2024
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Alongside Richard and Tom we welcome our new deputy editor, Matt who will be joining the No Accounting for Taste podcast.

A big story this week was the U-turn made by the government regarding double-cab pickups. Richard looks at what happened and what this says about the government. 

With self assessment been and gone, HMRC provided Tom with some more interesting statistics. Tom shares the percentages of how many tax returns were filed by agents, how many were filed digitally and what this all means for making tax digital. 

In other HMRC news, Matt speaks about the name and shame made by HMRC for employers who failed to pay minimum wage. Matt talks about the big names involved, reasons why this might have happened and whether naming and shaming was the correct approach. 

And finally, the sad news of the death of actor and comedian Ewen MacIntosh, who played big Keith in The Office, prompted the team to remember MacIntosh’s impact on the fictional accounting world. 

With only three weeks away, we also get a sneak peek of what the team are looking forward to at the Festival of Accounting and Bookkeeping (FAB).

Show timings:

  • 1m 12s Reversal of double-cab pickups 
  • 7m 22s Self assessments stats 
  • 13m 12s Companies that failed to pay minimum wage 
  • 17m 57s Ewen MacIntosh and the fictional accounting world 

Show notes: 

Listen to the podcast by clicking the 'play' button above, or by searching for AccountingWEB in your favourite podcast app, Spotify or Amazon Music.  


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