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No Accounting for Taste ep60: Budget 2020 special

In this special Budget edition of No Accounting for Taste, the AccountingWEB editorial team analyses the highs and lows from a Budget dominated by the coronavirus pandemic.

12th Mar 2020
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Host Richard Hattersley is joined by seasoned Budget watcher John Stokdyk, who beams in from his Brighton HQ, and a sleep-deprived Ray Newman from PracticeWeb, who was up until 2am in the morning examining the finer Budget details.

The pod team first considers how Sunak’s performance at the dispatch box compares to his predecessors. Then they turn their attention to the Budget 15 months in the making.

The emergence of the coronavirus forced Sunak to rip up his Budget script and improvise, but there were plenty of tax policies for the team to dissect. 

The biggest surprise was that entrepreneurs’ relief survived what was thought to be certain death – albeit with a significant cap. The team also talks about the kite flying policies that didn’t make Sunak’s speech.

Show notes

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By Peter613
16th Mar 2020 20:51

Sorry to say but I feel that of late the podcasts have become a bit woolly and lacking in technical detail. There's too much idle chatter and not enough meat. Yesterday I was listening to episode 60 (above) and it ended and as I was listening in the car and couldn't switch it off it tripped to episode one (around 5 years ago with entirely different presenters) and it was a lot more informative. It was talking about RTI, auto enrolment etc so obviously quite dated but the contrast in quality of information was stark

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