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No Accounting for Taste ep62: Accountants' wellbeing suffers under COVID-19 pressures

In this episode of No Accounting for Taste, AccountingWEB’s resident Agony Uncle joins the pod to discuss the mental anguish practitioners have endured since the coronavirus outbreak.

2nd Apr 2020
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In the last week, businesses and the self-employed have received a much-needed lifeline from the government.

News of these schemes has caused accountants to work around the clock to help rescue their clients' businesses. But the extra hours and the emotional turmoil of seeing clients businesses crumble has caused many accountants to feel burned out and exhausted.

AccountingWEB contributor Jennifer Adams was one of many AccountingWEB readers to express their emotional exhaustion in recent days.

She wrote in a blog how she’s “Exhausted from holding back the tears when speaking to clients who you can see will not make it to that glorious day when they might get some financial help as per the Chancellors enthusiastic announcements.”

So how do you keep on top of your mental health when the world around you is so uncertain? To help us understand this topic, the editorial team are joined by mental health coach Nick Elston.

Some of the topics the team discusses with Nick are:

  • How to deal with a client who has seen their livelihood crumble before their eyes
  • The importance of looking after yourself
  • How to cope with the emotional burden of seeing a client’s business go under
  • How to prevent yourself from suffering from a burnout
  • Overcoming anxiety as the uncertainty heightens
  • And much, much more

Show notes

Click play above to listen, or download ‘No Accounting for Taste’ by searching AccountingWEB wherever you get your podcasts.

Replies (2)

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By bosclibby
03rd Apr 2020 11:16

Well worth the time to listen to that Podcast
I have to say it's comforting to an extent to know that my feelings are shared by many other Accountants at this time - stressed, overwhelmed, overworked.
I've heard the current situation of the virus and lockdown described as Christmas without the fun. I think for me this is more like January without an end date.

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By killer33
06th Apr 2020 16:32

Some great advice. Self care has never been more important - make the most of your daily exercise allowance and just take this one day at a time.

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