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No Accounting for Taste ep63: How SMEs are coping through COVID-19

On this week’s episode of No Accounting for Taste we investigate the impact the coronavirus has had on UK small and medium-sized businesses and find out what they really want from their accountant.

16th Apr 2020
Editor AccountingWEB
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As the last few weeks have demonstrated, accountants have been in great demand to help support small businesses. Just take a look on AccountingWEB’s Any Answers forum and you’ll read stories of businesses pulled up from the brink of collapse as accountants have worked tirelessly around the clock to save their clients.

But the reality of the likely economic fallout of the virus was unveiled by the Chancellor this week who quoted OBR figures that warned of a 35% drop in GDP for the second quarter of 2020

So how are small businesses really coping? And what plans have their accountants put in place to guide them through the rocky months ahead? Joining host Richard Hattersley and AccountingWEB's editor-in-chief John Stokdyk to discuss the realities from the small business frontline is the MD of PracticeWeb, Mike Crook.  

PracticeWeb recently took a temperature check on how British businesses are coping, and Mike drops by the pod booth to reveal the key findings from the research.   

Show notes

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