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No Accounting for Taste ep64: Furlough portal puts pressure on accountants

On this week’s episode of No Accounting for Taste, we look at HMRC’s furlough scheme and examine what effect the extra work has had on the personal wellbeing of accountants.  

30th Apr 2020
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Since HMRC’s furlough portal opened last week, accountants have found the process mostly seamless, and the money is starting to arrive in their clients’ bank accounts.

However, there are still many kinks which have caused a great amount of consternation, from the laborious 14-screen sequence to the 15-minute time-out limit they are up against.

But the biggest complication though is the furloughing claim restrictions which mean businesses with fewer than 100 employees have to enter details individually.

Joining AccountingWEB editors Richard Hattersley and John Stokdyk is Kirsty McGregor, the founder of the Corporate Finance Network.

She is the moving force behind a new campaign that is calling on HMRC to change this application process for CJRS grant claims. McGregor is urging HMRC to bring the process into line with the process for the larger employers, who can upload the information as a file.

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