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No Accounting for Taste ep65: How long can accountants keep going?

On this week’s podcast, we look at HMRC’s furlough scheme and examine what effect the extra work has had on the personal wellbeing of accountants.

14th May 2020
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When the country went into lockdown in March, accountants stepped up and worked around the clock, but as today’s guest says, it’s looking like a longer hail than first expected.

As exhaustion starts to settle in, accountants were back at the coalface with the launch of the government’s self-employed income support scheme.

To discuss how he’s managed to keep going throughout the pandemic, hosts Richard Hattersley John Stokdyk are joined by AccountingWEB legend, Glenn Martin (AKA Glennzy).

Glenn talks about motivation, how he’s planning to help his clients through what he expects to be an extremely tough Q3 and also the latest news from the week in accounting.

Stories discussed on the podcast

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