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No Accounting for Taste ep78: Workaholics, Zoom fatigue, and CJRS

On this week’s exciting edition of AccountingWEB’s No Accounting for Taste, we’re discussing Zoom fatigue, the extended furlough scheme, Uber and Eat Out to Help Out penalties.

12th Nov 2020
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Hosts Richard Hattersley and John Stokdyk are joined on the podcast by Matt Portt, the owner of Portt and Co. A lot has happened since Matt first appeared on the podcast all the way back at episode two. 

Matt has been mainly grappling with the ongoing CJRS soap opera. His firm has a specialist payroll department and has lived and breathed the furlough scheme since March. 

CJRS constributed to the profession's long working days and heightened stress levels, but there are other culprits. The pod team reflects on how remote working has also exacerbated the strain on the profession, and the role Zoom has played in draining accountants’ energy levels. 

In addition to all of this, the team also discusses the other big headlines from the past seven days, including Uber and Eat Out to Help Out penalties.

Stories discussed on this week's podcast

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