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No Accounting for Tech ep1: Can technology push the partnership investment horizon?

Jeffreys Henry group CEO Caroline Plumb joins podcast host Tom Herbert to discuss how a wave of tech innovation has forced LLP firms traditionally focused on the annual cash cycle to broaden their horizons beyond the short term.

28th Apr 2022
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Former Fluidly founder Caroline Plumb joined technology editor Tom Herbert in the first of a new series of monthly podcasts from AccountingWEB - No Accounting for Tech.

In a wide-ranging interview Plumb, who recently joined ambitious mid-tier contender Jeffreys Henry as group CEO, discussed how technology is changing firms’ annual cash cycle perspective, the competitive threat tech poses to the accounting industry, and why, after a career spent following an entrepreneurial path, she decided to join an accountancy practice.

Plumb outlined how a wave of tech innovation and the current shortage of talent in accountancy is forcing practices, particularly in the mid-tier that have traditionally been partnerships, to break their one-year horizons and focus on building for the longer term.

She also argued that one of the biggest competitive threats in the accounting industry comes from technology - and practices need to stay on their toes to remain competitive. “People see competition as other firms,” said Plumb. “But the competitive threat is coming from technology starting to erode through automation some of the service lines or create price pressure or raise expectations about what you can get”.

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Background reading for the podcast:

This podcast was written and hosted by Tom Herbert and edited by Will Cole.


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