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No Accounting for Tech ep16: Spring software season serves up AI options for accountants

Two accounting tech specialists join AccountingWEB technology editor Tom Herbert this week to discuss the themes running through the recent software conference season, with the biggest undoubtedly being the explosion in artificial intelligence tools available for accountants.

17th May 2023
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With the curtain falling on the Spring software conference season, several dominant trends have emerged from show floors around the country. Chief among them is a new wave of artificial intelligence tools embedded in practice management, general ledger and spend management software, which promises practitioners increased efficiencies – but at what cost?

Joining AccountingWEB technology editor Tom Herbert on the podcast are Beever and Struthers’ tech strategy lead John Toon and 2020 Innovation practice consultant and Tech Talk chair Billie Mcloughlin. The panel reviewed offerings from the likes of Pixie, Karbon and Jenesys, and discussed what could be next in the world of AI accounting.

This year also saw larger firms with more complex clients moving to the cloud in search of efficiencies and collaboration opportunities while keeping their compliance software desktop-based in what has been dubbed a ‘hybrid by design’ approach. 

Another trend which first emerged last year and has gathered pace is accountants moving away from a patchwork of best-of-breed tools in search of more integrated solutions.

This podcast was originally recorded as part of the Tech Pulse show: Spring conference season: The AI accounting software race is on

Podcast written and hosted by Tom Herbert and produced by Will Cole. 


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By BrandiHarris
11th Jul 2023 10:36


I definitely would say

The episode starts with a discussion on the growing prevalence of AI in accounting software. AI technologies, such as machine learning and natural language processing, are revolutionizing the way accountants work by automating repetitive tasks, providing real-time insights, and enhancing data accuracy.

We explore various AI-powered features that are making waves in the accounting software landscape. These include automated data entry and categorization, intelligent document processing, advanced data analytics, predictive forecasting, and personalized client recommendations.

To shed light on the practical implications, we interview accounting professionals who have embraced AI tools in their practices. They share their experiences, highlighting the time and cost savings, increased efficiency, and improved client service resulting from the adoption of AI-powered accounting software.

Moreover, we provide an overview of some popular AI-driven accounting software solutions available in the market. We discuss their key features, integration capabilities, and user feedback to help accountants make informed decisions about incorporating AI into their workflows.

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