The accountant's guide to staffing

Get the most from your staff and maximise the profits of your practice in this content series by Philip Fisher.

Each article will offer very direct advice that should help you to avoid some of the pitfalls that other firms have dived into over the years, might on occasion amuse and will contain a series of anonymised anecdotes that are likely to leave you either with a familiar, wry smile, shaking your head in recognition or possibly bursting into tears.

18th Sep 2017
Unless an employee or partner is leaving with a gold watch after 50 years of devoted service, parting with a colleague is almost always a...
21st Aug 2017
A vast amount of research has been carried out around the cost of acquiring new clients compared with retaining those that are already on...
14th Aug 2017
Perhaps the most difficult and controversial area of staff management lies in deciding how much to pay employees. Using a simple business...
7th Aug 2017
One of the keys to running a successful practice is recruiting and retaining the right group of individuals to maximise opportunity and...
31st Jul 2017
Whether employing a school leaver or a new partner, taking on new members of staff represents a significant commitment in terms of both...
24th Jul 2017
This short series has been written with the intention of helping you get the most from your staff and maximise the profits of your practice...