The accountant's guide to surviving tax return season

As the year draws to a close, accountants prepare for yeat another busy self assessment season. Philip Fisher’s new series prepares accountants for this torturous annual ritual.

2nd Nov 2018
Now the Budget is out the way, next on the accountant’s calendar is self assessment season. Philip Fisher’s new series prepares accountants...
12th Nov 2018
The tax return season should be mapped out with all of the precision of a battle plan, writes Philip Fisher. Most people seem happy to let...
19th Nov 2018
Get your tax return staffing right before winter flu incapacitates half the office or those January clients come knocking. The nature of...
26th Nov 2018
There can be little doubt that everyone reading this article will have been through the horrors of trying to tease out information from...
 Office workers in Santa hats in the workplace
3rd Dec 2018
In principle, with the odd exception where partnership income might be involved and accounts are awaited, it should be possible for...
11th Dec 2018
Philip Fisher reminds those knee deep in tax returns to focus on risk as one of the most significant issues that could harm your firm Once...
17th Dec 2018
All too often, when work gets manic during December and January, billing takes a back seat. In some ways, this is perfectly logical, since...
1st Feb 2019
You’ve crossed the deadline day finish line, but before you push this year’s stresses to the back of your mind, you should reflect on what...