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The new era of client collaboration

In the first of a two-part podcast series on client collaboration, AccountingWEB and Thomson Reuters examine the accountant-client relationship, including how it’s changed in recent years and the part that technology has played in this process.

10th Oct 2019
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In recent years, technology has played a very important role in client communications. With cloud systems, automation, and the world of consumer apps now spilling into the business world, clients expect their accountants to provide real-time insights.

To discuss this new era of client collaboration, AccountingWEB's editor Tom Herbert welcomes Ian Cooper, product manager non-tax products at Thomson Reuters, and Chris Dodd, partner at Beresfords Chartered Accountants.

As an accountant in practice, Dodd discusses the practical, day-to-day implications of it all, including onboarding and training clients and how he created a system for client collaboration from the ground up.

Cooper also covers some of the most common pain points for accountants looking to improve client collaboration, and how to overcome them.

The following are some of the topics discussed in the podcast:

  • Client relationships 
  • Signing up clients
  • Communication
  • Security and GDPR
  • Client portals