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Creative Auto Enrolment uniquely caters for a need not offered by any other provider. That need is providing smaller employers with one single, complete, online solution that does everything for them. We take all complicated Auto Enrolment decisions away from the employer and leave them fully compliant at the end of the process. And that’s guaranteed. Provided all our automated, online prompts are followed, we guarantee all our employers will be compliant.

Industry updates

So an exasperated IFA from Oxfordshire told us recently. After four and a half years of Auto Enrolment, even big firms with their HR departments and...
A quarter of the way into 2017 already and the time is now to look at making 2017 a profitable one and getting ahead of your Automatic Enrolment...

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We remove the Fear from Auto Enrolment

Our solution is unique in that we manage the automatic enrolment process AFTER the employer has closed its payroll run. This means staff can always be paid on time - there is never any risk that the automatic enrolment process itself might interfere with the employer’s normal payroll cycle.

How our Auto Enrolment portal helps Accountants

How our Auto Enrolment portal helps Accountants