From survival to revival: Business funding through Covid-19 and beyond

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Business owners have relied heavily on their accountants during the coronavirus outbreak, with 61% expecting their accountant to have knowledge of available funding options. But knowing all the options can be difficult when the funding landscape continues to shift and change so rapidly. As the demand for funding and savings options increases to help businesses revive post-lockdown, so too does the need for simplicity and speed. 

Join us for a panel discussion with Swoop CEO Andrea Reynolds and Paul Layte FCA, Founder of, on how best to navigate the current funding landscape. Both will share their insights on what appears to be working, and conversely what doesn’t appear to be working, for clients and their accountants. Connected to this, find out more about how you can maximise your clients’ chances of success with any application, so you can help ensure the revival of their business. 

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A member of the team of experts at Swoop will then be in touch to discuss all available finance options for your clients.