Help and User Guide

Read this guide to familiarise yourself with the site and the interactive features that are available. If you are having any problems using the AccountingWEB site you might be able to find the answer below. If not, you can email our member services team or call us on 0117 915 3344.

Alternatively you can view our Frequently Asked Questions.


On the homepage you will be able to view the latest content, current hot topics, latest jobs, the latest questions posted in Any Answers, the latest blogs and the most read and commented on content on the site.


As an unregistered browser on AccountingWEB you will be able to access some of the site and a limited amount of content. If you register and become a member, which is entirely free of charge with no on-going subscription costs, you will gain access to the full breadth of interactive site features and content.

Registration is simple and only takes a minute. We ask for a minimal amount of information about you and your business so we can better meet the needs of our membership. The information you provide at registration helps us refine our editorial content and develop new features for the site in line with your needs.

At registration you can opt-in to our regular email bulletins and see an example of each of these before doing so. Simply tick each box for which you would like to receive the emails:

If you later decide to opt in or out of any of our email bulletins you can do so by clicking on the ‘My email bulletins’ link in the MyAccountingWEB drop-down. See the ‘Your account and profile’ section below.

Your account and profile:

Once you have registered for AccountingWEB you will be able to maintain your account by using the ‘My AccountingWEB’ drop-down menu:

1. Edit my account

This option allows you to change your password, update your email address and details about you and your place of work.

  1. My picture

Upload a photo or ‘avatar’ which will appear next to your username each time you make a posting or comment on the site. Personal photos and pictures are a good way of letting the rest of the community quickly identify you and your content.

  1. My public profile

This option allows you to complete a short biography about yourself and your firm/business which will be displayed to the rest of the registered members in the Member Directory. This is optional. It also allows you to link your profile to your Twitter feed and LinkedIn account.

  1. My Inbox

Click ‘My Inbox’ to access any private messages that have been sent to you by other members. You will be able to send, reply, forward and delete from this screen. Some members often refer to messages as PMs (private messages).

  1. Write a new private message

This is a shortcut to open up a new private message box so that you don’t have to go via your inbox.

  1. My email bulletins

Choose this option if you want to subscribe or unsubscribe from any of our regular weekly email bulletins. You can simply tick and untick the options. If you continue to receive unwanted email from us after doing this please let us know.

  1. Post Any Answers question

This is a shortcut to post a new Any Answers question. As one of the most used functions on the site we’ve made this orange so it stands out and is easy to find, especially for newer members.

  1. Start my blog

If you have not yet created a Blog on AccountingWEB and written a blog posting, you will see a link titled ‘Start my blog’. If you’d like to blog regularly on the site, click on this link to set up your blog page and make a posting. If you do start a blog on the site please have a photo or image to use alongside it. Anyone is welcome to become an AccountingWEB blogger.


My blog

If you already have a Blog on the AccountingWEB site you will see links to ‘Make a blog post’ and ‘My blog’. ‘Make a blog post’ is a shortcut so you can quickly add a new posting to the site. ‘My blog’ will take you to your blog homepage which lists all your postings

  1. My content notifications

If you click this link you will see all the content or threads which you have requested a notification of new comments or postings for. If you want to delete or change a notification put a tick in the box next to it and choose the option from the dropdown box below the listing.

  1. My new content

If you select this option you will be able to see a list of threads you have started or participated in which have had new content added to them since you last visited the site. You can also click on an option from this page to view all new content on the site, including threads you have started or participated in.

  1. My discussion groups

Click on ‘My discussion groups’ to access all the groups you have previously joined. This will act as a shortcut to the groups you are currently involved with.

  1. Find other members

If you want to search for other members by username, first or last name or company, click this link. Only members who have opted into the Member Directory will appear in the search results.

  1. Contact member services

Click here to email us or speak to us about the website.

  1. Logout

Click this link to logout of the site. Be sure to remember your username and password for your next visit. Please be careful about remaining logged into the site if you are using a shared computer.

New community features

  1. Ignore

You can now ignore or ‘hide’ all posting and comments from a particular member if you wish. This applies only to comments, not to content they create. So, if they posted a new Any Answers question you would see it. But you would not see any comments they subsequently posted on the question.

To ignore someone, click on their username. This will take you to their profile. You should see a link that says ‘Hide comments by this user’. You will no longer see comments by this person.  

Please bear in mind that if you ignore a number of people discussions may become slightly disjointed.

If you want to remove the ‘ignore’ click on your own username to view your profile. If you have ignored other members there will be a section on your profile titled ‘Ignored users’. Click on the link ‘Un-hide comments by this user’ next to the relevant member.

  1. ‘Report’ function

If you see a comment or posting on the site which you feel breaks the Community Rules you can now use the Report function to alert us to it.

Click on the ‘report’ link, located next to the Thanks. On the next screen please tell us why you think it breaks the rules and/or what the problem is.

  1. ‘Thanks’ function

The ability to ‘thank’ a post replaces the ‘best reply’ functionality from the previous AccountingWEB site. Other members will be able to see how many times your comment has been thanked. In the future we may introduce some sort of reward scheme for members who have received a certain number of thanks.

  1. ‘Quote’ function

You can now use the quote function to more accurately quote another member in your comments and without the need to copy and paste information and usernames.

  1. Member directory

The ability to see how long someone has been a member of the site is now visible in our new Members Directory.

  1. Improved text editor (WYSIWYG)

When you start threads and make comments you will now be able to copy and paste from Word and other standard editors or web pages. The improved editor also allows you to insert tables and images from the buttons available:

Topic Pages (Tax, Business, Practice, Technology):

On each of our top-level topic pages you will be able to read the latest content as well as viewing the

latest Any Answers questions by topic for example, tax content, tax related Any Answers, tax jobs etc.

Any Answers:

Our Any Answers forum allows you to post questions relating to any accountancy and business issues so that other members can offer answers and suggestions. Any Answers is now the most popular area of AccountingWEB and most postings receive at least one response on the same day.

New and existing members alike should familiarise themselves with the Community Rules before posting or replying.


The Blogs pages have been rebuilt and redesigned to make it easier to navigate and view any content from our featured bloggers.  You can subscribe to individual blogs and receive a notification email each time a new post is put on the site. Navigate to the blog of interest, select how often you want to receive a notification, then click ‘Subscribe’.


The discussion groups are all listed on one page in alphabetical order. The latest postings are shown in the second column on the page. To join a group click on the title to look at the group’s main page. Then, in the right hand column click ‘Subscribe to group’. Most groups are available for anyone to join. A few are by invitation only or are locked to a particular group of members.


This area is for accountants to reach other accountants and should not be used by companies trying to attract business from individuals or for job postings. Please click here for full details of the terms and conditions of using this area.


[email protected] brings you a wide selection of accounting-related tools, templates, information resources, software, courses and more. We will often negotiate special deals – look out for our discount codes. You can also opt in to a monthly update of featured products and special offers.


Our jobs board allows you to search all the latest Accountancy jobs in the country as well as in Europe. You can search by role, region or salary and upload your CV so that recruiters can find you. You can also opt-in to job email alerts and get CV and career advice.


In the suppliers area you can read all the latest news from our advertisers and download whitepapers and case studies for free.


The search function has been improved to let you search the whole site or the section you are in:

Once you have performed a search you can sort the results by Date or Relevance. You can also then use the Advanced Search function to refine results by type or within a certain date range:

Community rules:

In Spring 2011 we updated and reiterated our community rules to our existing members. Whether you are a new or existing member please take some time to familiarise yourself with these rules. They are designed to make AccountingWEB a lively, interesting and professional forum for the accountancy and finance profession. We take our responsibility to our community members very seriously. If you have any feedback or would like to speak to someone at AccountingWEB about our rules and moderation policies please get in touch.

If you have any questions at all about, please email the Member Services team, or call us on +44 (0)117 915 3344. We endeavour to answer all queries within two working days.