Monday, July 27, 2020 - 09:00 - 09:45

How do we get ready for the next phase of MTD?

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How do we get ready for the next phase of MTD?

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About this session

As part of its post-Covid strategy for tax administration, the government is keen for HMRC to accelerate its plans for Making Tax Digital. Better income data on the self-employed will enable ministers to make better informed policy decisions, but tax practitioners will be well aware of the practical difficulties of achieving that goal. 

MTD has gone into maintenance mode, letting the VAT implementation bed in before further phases are undertaken. But has it gone away completely?

With the support of the Any Answers Live audience, Rebecca Benneyworth and her panel will submit the new plans to intense scrutiny. 

Discussion points:

  • What is the new regime likely to look like and how will businesses prepare for it?
  • Are practitioners ready for the transition and, perhaps more importantly, how ready is the tax department to deliver it?
  • What were the sticking points for MTD for Income Tax and can they be overcome?
  • Do Agent Services and the API infrastructure need to be bolted down first before MTD Phase 2.0 is ready for roll out?

Limit: 500 places


About The Great Debate:
Every episode, award-winning tax and practice guru Rebecca Benneyworth joins with AccountingWE John Stokdyk and a brains trust of experts to map out the challenges facing the profession and suggest a programme of practical ideas to deal with them.

Rebecca Benneyworth MBE is a long-standing industry expert, tax lecturer and writer, and recently won this year's Outstanding Achievement Award at the Accounting Excellence Awards. Rebecca has been a tax lecturer on the CPD circuit for 25 years, having run a small accountancy practice for 30 years. She is passionate about enabling small businesses and start-ups to flourish, and loves to work alongside business owners to help them reach their full potential.

John Stokdyk is AccountingWEB's editor-in-chief and has been with the site since 1999. John is a member of the Advisory Board for AccountingWEB Live's debut exhibition in December 2020.

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