Saturday, June 6, 2020 - 09:00 - 09:45

How to recover your sales funnel with the right type of clients

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About this session

In this webinar, PracticeWeb's Managing Director Mike Crook will show you how to use content and search engine optimisation to recover your sales funnel with the right type of clients. 

He’s joined by Bal Gora and Sam Patel from Diamond Accounts. Who work with sectors that have been badly hit by the pandemic: restaurants, pharmacies, convenience stores and construction businesses. 

You can discover why Bal and Sam took the opportunity during the pandemic to invest and transform their digital marketing despite their core sectors being severely affected.

What we’ll cover:

1. Why does a strong brand help you bounce back quicker? 
• What can we learn from the 2008 financial crash?
• Why do firms bounce back 9X faster with a strong brand?
• What does a strong brand look like?

2. Why build an emotional connection?
• What’s so important about making an emotional connection?
• Why defining your customer service level matters
• Identify how to differentiate yourself

3. What’s your recovery plan?
• What’s changed and how do you pivot your marketing?
• How do you realign your business and marketing?
• What marketing channels should you use?

4. How do you use content and SEO to recover your sales funnel?
• Understand how and what SMEs are searching for right now
• Identify their pain points and design content around their needs
• Why quality long form content matters

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About The Business of Marketing:
Every month, PracticeWeb's Mike Crook will go behind-the-scenes on marketing, using a blend of SME insight and data informed marketing. To provide firms with practical advice and best practice.

To help them navigate the road ahead through their digital presence. Mike Crook is the Managing Director of the award-winning marketing agency PracticeWeb, which has worked exclusively with accounting firms for more than 20 years. 

Under Mike's leadership, PracticeWeb has gone from strength to strength, from winning awards for their results focused digital marketing, to entering into powerful partnerships with fintech firms such as Senta and with the ACCA.

Mike has almost two decades of experience under his belt as a digital marketing and business transformation strategist. Having learned the ropes working with brands such as HSBC, Zurich Financial, Peugeot and Triumph Motorcycles.  He is an expert in every aspect of digital marketing from brand building to website development, with a particular interest in the power of user testing, research and data to deliver results.


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