Clear Books: Product Showcase

Making Tax Digital represents a huge compliance challenge to accountancy practices looking to get their small business clients MTD-ready at a low cost without having to teach them how to use complex software.

To help accountancy practices and their micro business clients deal with MTD, Clear Books has launched two new products: Clear Books Micro and Practice Edition.

In this product showcase we’ll be looking at how the tools work in practice, what problems they solve for accountants and their clients, and answering some frequently asked questions about the product

Clear Books Micro

Clear Books Micro

The arrival of the government’s transformative Making Tax Digital (MTD) programme has kicked-started a rush of products to help accountants and their clients become MTD compliant. However, there is a feeling in the accounting profession that clients using pen and paper or Excel to keep records are not well catered for by the big software firms.

There are a large number of micro businesses where many of the current software solutions are too complex, and these businesses need a simple product that complies with the regulations. To meet this need Clear Books has developed an online spreadsheet with the aim of simplifying the way accountants collect data from clients.

Clear Books Micro allows clients to record invoices, expenses and bank receipts in a digital spreadsheet without having to use complex online accounting software.

In this short video Chris Morford from Clear Books tells AccountingWEB about the Clear Books Micro Spreadsheet and how it integrates with Clear Books Practice Edition software for accountants. The data entered into Clear Books Micro flows through to the accountant’s feature rich Clear Books Practice Edition account allowing you to use the information to complete MTD VAT returns to HMRC.

Clear Books recognise that not all clients are ready for, or require, access to a full blown online accounting system. Clear Books therefore offers accountants the choice to give clients either:

  • Full access
  • Simple access using the Clear Books Micro spreadsheet
  • No access at all

The option of simple access through the Clear Books Micro spreadsheet is unique in the market because it allows clients to enter sales, expense and bank transaction information in an easy to use spreadsheet format. Clear Books also reduces software costs by only requiring payment for the level of client access you need.

Any questions?

In this second video AccountingWEB has put together a series of questions for Chris Morford from Clear Books that we sourced from our Any Answers forum and frequently asked questions about the Clear Books product itself.

Questions include:

  • Does Clear Books Micro work for both invoice-based and cash-based businesses?
  • How does Clear Books Micro handle retail businesses which sell products at different VAT rates?
  • What reporting is available in Clear Books Micro vs. Clear Books Practice Edition?

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