10am, Tuesday October 25th 2016

The marketing mindset: How to be original and effective in your marketing

Client acquisition and marketing is critical to the success of your practice.  

It is a challenge...and traditional marketing is being overshadowed by the rise of digital. This session will help you discover a more effective marketing approach. More importantly, one that works for you and makes you unique.  

We will break down the perception that marketing is something that ‘other firms’ do. The panel will show how you can establish marketing that is authentic to them, and that really works. Focusing on:

  • What is the ‘marketing mindset’?
  • Paul’s story and how to apply it to your firm
  • James’ story
  • What can you do now?
  • The do’s and don’ts

You can read all comments and questions from the live session in the chatbox below.

Practice Excellence - The marketing mindset

Originally broadcast live on the 25th October 2016
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Session panel

Karen Reyburn

Managing Director, The Profitable Firm
Karen Reyburn is a creative-minded individual who specialises in online marketing for accountancy firms. A former accountant (and a Certified Public Accountant in the States), Karen set up The Profitable Firm to work exclusively with modern, digitally-minded accountants who want to use online marketing to their best advantage. She and her team use remote and virtual working to help accountancy firms all over the globe.

Paul Barnes

Managing Director, MyAccountancyPlace
Paul pursued accounting at university to satisfy his love of numbers. After carving out a career for himself as a chartered accountant, Paul turned his focus towards providing an innovative new service to digital agency owners. His aim has always been to address the disconnect between accountants and creatives, in order to build relationships that encourage growth and success.

James Ashford

Business mentor, speaker and published author
James Ashford is an inspirational and motivational business mentor, speaker, published author and in his own words ‘rocker of worlds’. He works with small businesses to help take them beyond their current challenges and towards the greatest ambitions they have for their company. He also works very closely with leading firms of accountants around the world, helping them to maximise the value they give to their clients.