Wolters Kluwer Product Showcase

In this product showcase AccountingWEB’s head of insight John Stokdyk and Wolters Kluwer's Dean Shepherd will be looking at CCH Central and CCH OneClick and answering some frequently asked questions about these applications.

CCH Central and CCH OneClick walkthrough

CCH Central

One challenge that almost every UK practice has to deal with is personal tax return work around self assessment season. Wolters Kluwer’s CCH Central has been designed to improve the practices’ workflows with an integrated suite of tax, accounting and practice management tools.

CCH Central provides all the tools users need to service their clients in one place, such as a document store, an accounts package, tax return software and time-recording tools and much more.

CCH OneClick

CCH OneClick is a hub of cloud tools that enhance the functionality of CCH Central. Some of the tools are accessible just by the adviser and other tools are accessible by both client and adviser, so they can work collaboratively.

CCH OneClick can also help practitioners who want to use spreadsheets under Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT. There is typically a lot of sensitive data within those bookkeeping spreadsheets and this information can be sent securely via the Messages & Documents area on CCH OneClick.

Creating the return and filing with HMRC can be done with CCH OneClick’s Making Tax Digital toolset. Once the VAT returns have been filed, users can track and monitor whether your client has paid their VAT bill, acting as a monitoring tool for all your clients.

CCH OneClick cloud accounting software provides an end to end MTD solution including:

  • MTD functionality for spreadsheet user
  • Digital VAT Account access for a holistic view of all payments and deadlines
  • Integration with CCH Central for task and workflow management 


In this second video we drill down into how CCH OneClick can help practitioners with the MTD for VAT processes. John Stokdyk asks the following questions:

  • How do CCH Central suite and CCH OneClick handle MTD submissions?
  • Where do you create the return and how do you file with HMRC?
  • How can users track and monitor whether their client has paid their VAT bill?

CCH Central and CCH OneClick on MTD