Wednesday, December 2, 2020 - 09:00 - 10:00

Limited company status: How to advise your clients

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About the Session

This session will discuss the detailed tax issues to consider when advising clients whether to run their business through a limited company.

Leading tax expert Rebecca Benneyworth will give a short history of the relevant tax issues together with an examination of the current position. Rebecca will then examine any potential issues for the future plus any likely impact on smaller businesses.

The session will also touch on profit extraction policies and business motoring.

Packed with expert advice to bring you right up to date with current thinking, you will come out of the session with the ability to:

• Appreciate the current issues which affect the tax outcomes of various business structures
• Understand the impact of potential changes to the taxes which are relevant here
• Advise clients about other practical issues such as remuneration, dividends and company cars

With live Q&A to enable you to put your questions to Rebecca and her guests, this is the perfect session not only to get free expert advice but to discover what other accountants are doing. Register now to reserve your seat.

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