Modulr helps accountants and businesses make account, payroll and HMRC payments simple, smart and digital. We save you hours by automating your payments. Freeing you up to focus on what matters. 

Our award-winning, payments platform partners with the software you already love, including BrightPay, IRIS and Sage. 

 With Modulr you can? 
•    Pay employees, supplier and HMRC in 90 seconds 
•    Eliminate costly errors by automating processes
•    Deliver a seamless and smarter client experience

Why Modulr?
•    Payments Dashboard: Bring all your client workflows and payments together in one place, no matter which software they use. 
•    Authorised and regulated: We’re FCA approved and settle directly at the Bank of England, meaning greater reliability and security.
•    Secure and Compliant Network: Built on a secure platform with multi-factor authentication, activity observation and regular penetration testing.
•    A trusted FinTech partner: Trusted by over 600 Accountants and  10,000 businesses who use our technology to move billions of pounds

It's the new standard in accounting payments technology.

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