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MyDocSafe is a secure document management and digital signature platform. It is used primarily by accountants, payroll bureaus and bookkeepers to automate client onboarding, streamline document approval and improve GDPR compliance.  MyDocSafe’s client portals are widely used to distribute payroll documents, sign engagement letters and securely exchange documents, webforms and encrypted messages.

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Introducing MyDocSafe

MyDocSafe is a secure and easy to use cloud-based document management system, that allows you to protect your corporate data, allow easy access of this data to trusted partners, and provides efficiency gains by automating your data use cases.

Client Portals - powerful and customisable automated onboarding process for new clients

Client Portals are cloud-based storage locations within MyDocSafe, and can be extensively customised, embedding an entire step-by-step onboarding process for new clients, that bring vast speed and efficiency savings by automating your data use cases.

MyDocSign - sending documents for electronic signing with MyDocSafe

MyDocSign is the document signing section of MyDocSafe. Send documents for signing to multiple recipients, and send document templates with mailmerge variables.