Wednesday, November 18, 2020 - 09:00 - 10:00

Niche accountancy firm vs. mega contractor service

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Niche accountancy firm vs. mega contractor service

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This episode features two accountants with more than 20 years of experience and two very different specialities. 

Nicky Owens, Director of central London-based Carrington Accountancy, offers a specialist accountancy service to small businesses, and Chris James, Head of Accounting Operations JSA Services Ltd, is a major player in the contractor accounting market.  

Different specialisms, same problems? We look at the similarities in challenges both face in their respected specialisms like the next round of Making Tax Digital. How can two accountants on the extreme ends of the client size scale be similar or different in their approaches in this challenge?

Tackling both David and Goliath: Nicky Owens shares her time-tested methods for tackling entrepreneurial clients such as contractors, freelancers, and small limited companies. Chris will also discuss the service provider JSA’s approach to mega contractors - focusing on the systems and services that are built to handle the volume. 



Nicky Owens, Director of Carrington Accountancy will present the most memorable morals and lessons learned after more than 20 years in a specialist accountancy service to small businesses. Carringtons Accountancy is a successful firm with a very similar focus as JSA in terms of audience but on a very different scale. Interestingly her background is not as an accountant but trained and worked as an IFA for many years before making the switch. Coupled with this is her interest in breeding horses which proves that there are no such things as typical accountants.

Chris James, Head of Accounting Operations at JSA Services Ltd, will show us how he has learned to overcome difficulties after more than 20 years operating as a major player in the contractor accounting market. Chris is also Chairman of industry group FCSA which has been working closely to influence the government around some of the issues to do with off-payroll working and the impact of IR35. He is now as much a systems man as an accountant, looking at how processes, people, and support combine with technology to deal with the compliance issues of thousands of temporary and contract workers.

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