Saturday, June 6, 2020 - 23:30 - 23:45

Practice Growth with Lucy Cohen | Pt 2: Help! My practice has stuck!

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About the session

Growing a practice is a massive challenge, from the very second you form to the time you think you've made it. In a four-part series, Mazuma's Lucy Cohen looks at the stages a practice goes through right from the difficult birth of a new practice through to full adulthood where you're flying but busier than ever!

In episode two, Lucy takes on the difficult 'toddler' years. Your practice may be up and running but what happens when your clients begin to leave and your practice starts to plateau? Full of practical advice, Practice Growth will build into an essential guide to launching and growing a practice from scratch.

Episode one is available now to watch on demand. Click here to register.

Future episodes will cover the following phases: ​

  • Episode three | Teenage: finding your feet, testing boundaries, taking risks ​
  • Episode four | Adulthood your practice is up and running, you've got great clients, you're busier than ever!

Full of proven 'been there' advice from the co-founder of the UK's first subscription-based accountancy service, put your questions direct to Lucy after the session in our interactive Q&A.

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About Practice Growth:
Each stage of growing a practice presents a challenge. From the moment you start you're faced with the pressure of securing your first client and building from the bottom up. Even when you think you've made it, you're still wrestling with the always-on culture and 'tall poppy' syndrome. 

In this four-part series, Lucy Cohen explores each stage of growing a practice, from birth to adulthood, and finds out how practices can overcome these challenges.

Lucy Cohen is the co-founder of Mazuma, the UK's first subscription-based accountancy service and a Accounting Excellence 2019 Awards finalist. She is the author of The Millennial Renaissance and a member of the Advisory Board for AccountingWEB Live's debut exhibition in December 2020.

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