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ACCA helps develop profession in Afghanistan

19th Jan 2015
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The ACCA has teamed up with the Ministry of Finance in Afghanistan in a bid to develop the accountancy profession there.

It will work with the Afghanistan government to create a framework and infastructure for long term development of the programme. 

The professional body will host a delegation from the Afghanistan Ministry of Finance at their London offices this week.

Director General of the Afghanistan Ministry of Finance, Alhaj Muhammad. Aqah “Kohestani” will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Stephen Heathcote, director of Markets at ACCA.

This sets out the objectives for the partners to work together to build capacity within the accountancy profession in Afghanistan.

The ACCA will provide expert advice and guidance on areas such as the establishment of a national Professional Accounting Organisation, including qualification development, professional regulation and membership issues.

Mr Alhaj Muhammad. Aqah “Kohestani” said both the Ministry and professional body are committed to supporting the growth of the profession in the country, and will set in place framework and infrastructure for long-term development. 

"Through this MOU, we will share knowledge and best practice to grow the capacity of the national professional accountancy organisation, and we will also work together to enhance the adoption and implementation of international financial reporting standards and education.”


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By mrme89
19th Jan 2015 17:28

ACCA seems to do everything but help its members in the UK. 

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By Flash Gordon
20th Jan 2015 09:44

Better than guns and missiles

It's a whole new weapon threat - "if you don't hand over your oil / precious natural resources / drug profits / nuclear missiles / last Rolo we'll send in the Accountants!" Cue mad panic and a steady stream of refugees fleeing over the borders. Dicators are overthrown, heartless regimes crumble, and high on the mountain top he stands - the Man With The Calculator!

Well we get blamed for buggering up the NHS and anything else that involves numbers, why not destroy a few foreign budgets too. We might save on foreign aid - oh no, hang on, we only give money to countries with lots of their dosh and space programmes.



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By MattG
20th Jan 2015 12:05

Just jealousy...

Clearly ACCA are trying to extend their global reach, as their membership is jealous of the CGMA designation us CIMA members now get to use, along with the eleventy squillion pounds in extra fees/pay we get by having this prestigious and worthwhile title.

This title of course easily justifies the CIMA leadership gallivanting all over the world spending our every increasing (above inflation) subscription fees.


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By PG1234
20th Jan 2015 13:51


Reading the above comments from so called professionals just reinforces my perception that the accountancy profession has gone down hill in recent years.  Why can't we behave like intelligent adults anymore?

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Replying to michjimblack:
By MattG
20th Jan 2015 15:22

You can be intelligent and sarcastic

PG1234 wrote:

Reading the above comments from so called professionals just reinforces my perception that the accountancy profession has gone down hill in recent years.  Why can't we behave like intelligent adults anymore?

Years of accrued cynicism built on experience and a distrust for the management of organisations that appear to exist on momentum, which people remain members of in large part due to the effort they made to become a member?

The problem with organisations like ACCA/CIMA/ICAEW is holding them to account. When Tesco's profits drop the shareholders can point to the profit margin, the share price, EPS, dividends etc. as definitive evidence of poor performance. Its harder to judge the likes of CIMA, they bang their own drum about their achievements, they can point to salary surveys I suppose, but how much improvements in that area are due to them can be harder to quantify.  If they'd done nothing bar the bare minimum of admin work for the year, would market forces have pushed salaries up anyway?

They often measure themselves on membership, but is increased membership a good thing for existing members? Yes it raises the profile, but it's another shark in the tank is often not welcome. If you can say to an employer or prospective client "I'm a qualified accountant" they might check it out, to make sure you really are, but are they going to come back and say "oooh you're a member of ACCA, I heard about the sterling work they are doing in Afghanistan, here take my money!"

Taking this Afghanistan example, what will be the tangible benefit to existing members?

As a comparative though I think that the ATT and CIOT are a lot more useful,effective and value for money (slightly tarnished by the ex-ATT president being banged up, but you can't have everything....). I would have nothing but praise for them if they could tighten up their admin a little (had to submit my annual return 4 times and they sent me the wrong person's membership card...).

As to professionalism - there is a difference in my approach to dealing with client's affairs and my throwaway comments in pseudo-anonymous online forums where I can let off a little steam with fellow "professionals". Maybe if the profession has gone downhill it's due to the likes of ACCA/CIMA letting in oiks like me ;-)

I'm probably just a little riled as I've paid out my various and sundry subs in the last month and it still stings (especially the inflation busting increases!)

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