Accounting down under: time to pack your bags? By Max Williamson

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Is there anyone working in finance who doesnt know at least one person who has spent some time in Australia? A secondment to Australia has almost become a rite of passage for many newly qualified UK accountants, most of whom are drawn towards the country on the basis of its excellent work/ life balance, and the almost universal positive feedback of others who have worked there.

Most UK accountants will be aware that salary levels are lower than they are in the UK, but are equally likely to be aware of the fact that the cost of living is also lower. Greg Haskins, an ex-Big 4 Director and now a Director of the Australia recruitment specialist My Departure Lounge, Sydney, advises that those wishing to move to Australia should, gauge local salaries based on cost of living and real purchasing po...

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31st Oct 2008 14:59

Ozzie is not cheap
I have been to Ozzie a number of times, and been pretty much been all around - Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Perth, Adelaide, Alice Springs and Tasmania.

From experience the areas that are cheaper than UK are meat, utilities, fuel and house prices. Everything else is more expensive - especially non-meat foods (eg vegetables are 300-400% more than UK) and you do not get the variety that we have come to expect in the UK.

Overall, I would estimate one pays 30-40% more in Australia than in the UK on day-to-day living and with a weakening sterling compared to most other currencies this could grow.

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28th Oct 2008 13:09

As a fairly frequent visitor to the 'Colonies', perhaps you would be kind enough to specify which town, city or State has a much lower cost of living compared with the UK.

From my experience, on average, it's about the same as here.

I must be going to the wrong locations!

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