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AIA relevence to small UK practicioners

17th Jul 2007
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AIA relevence to small UK practicioners
I'm a member of AIA via the takeover of the Society of Company Accountants. At the time of the take over we were given the opportunity of voting to merge the SCA with the AAT & I'm sorry that the AIA won out.

I don't think that the AIA is relevent for a small UK based practice. (If I described my practive as "International Accountants" I'm afraid that I would be laughed out of town.).

Although the AIA magazine has improved there is too much padding with what appear to be press releases by various high faluting accounting organisations that have no practical relevence to the small practitioner dealing with shopkeepers, SMEs, farmers, building subbies etc.

The much vaunted Regulatory Body status doesn't mean a lot. Most people trying to qualify as auditors will go to the ICA or ACCA. I wonder how many have become Registered Auditors through the AIA.

Also, do the regular trips to exotic locations to various conferences etc give value for money to the ordinary UK member. I appreciate that the AIA is not alone in marketing itself to Commonwealth & other countries in order to keep the membership fees flowing in, otherwise the fees from its UK members alone would not sustain its fancy new offices & junkets.

The AIA recently surveyed its members which apparently showed an overall degree of satisfaction.. It did not however tell us whether the results from UK members differed from other members. It would be interesting to get a breakdown.

What do other UK members think.?



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By AnonymousUser
05th Oct 2007 03:34

Johnny, what was the response of your meeting with the top executives of AIA following so much useful suggestions input here?

Please publish it for the sake of all members of AIA.

Otherwise, you are not complaining or just purely complaining for nothing but what?......

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By User deleted
20th Jul 2007 16:11

AIA Response
Dear Member,

I note your comments published on Accounting Web.

AIA Membership Services do not have any outstanding complaints or queries relating to the issues raised here, however we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your concerns with you directly and reassure you of the AIA's commitment to Members in Practice.

Member feedback is of vital importance and I would be grateful if you would contact Membership Services:

E: [email protected]

T: +44(0)191 493 0277

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By AnonymousUser
29th Aug 2007 05:44

If I had known earlier..........
If I had known earlier that the merger of ICompA and AIA would be so inconspicous, I wouldn't have bothered to support by asking my AIA friends to vote for it.

The results is what counts. We see them ourselves now. What more to add.

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By User deleted
03rd Sep 2007 11:44

The fact is this...... one wants to be small, everyone wants big made it BIG and be a BIG fella a BIG CORPORATION.

Where does AIA fit in? If you are satisfied with your current size, then that is it, and is this size what all AIA members want? If not, what are you going to do about it?

ACCA was once very small, like AIA size many many many decades ago. ACCA made it big VERY BIG NOW, ACCA can so can AIA.

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By AnonymousUser
10th Sep 2007 10:49

Do your part to be professional!!!

AIA members want MIA recognition in their Far East country Malaysia. Thos who completed the AIA qualifying examinations have studied hard to get their membership and inspire to be recognised accountants in Malaysia, recognised by their regulatory body MIA. AIA members want to be with MIA, work with MIA, like to be with MIA, promote MIA and AIA, promulgate the accountancy profession world-wide scale.

With such in mind to be called professional accountants, I think members has strived hard to be truly professional accountants and just that their non-recognition in Malaysia by the MIA pulled them down.

On the other hand, for a professional body to be listed as a truly internationally recognised professional accountant, there must be some sort of firm set-up and structure which will cause one to have no misconception or misjudgement over this international body of professional accountants.

I refer to very basic simple things like sending out CPD certificates which a despatch boy can do. This despatch boy is not even "A" levels qualified, least to say, those highly internationalised recognised professional accountants. If an office boy or despatch boy can understand very basic simple work and the need for CPD participants to get their CPD certificates on time, then what do you call those professional bodies which do not send out their participants' CPD certificates?

Is it professional for a professional body not to send CPD certificates? Reading all these junk news complaints about very basic simple jobs can't be done, what do expect other to think of you? Unless, there is no need to prove your attendance at CPD course with certificates.

I get fed up reading all the same old junk complaints all over again.

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By User deleted
11th Sep 2007 03:43

Non-IFAC members
Please take note that it is not mandatory for non-IFAC members to enforce on their members to attend the IFAC required CPD per year or per three year cycle.

It is up to the professional body to do so and I would champion that professionalism, honestly.

NIA is one good example. NIA enforced CPD requirements per IFAC guidelines on its members. NIA is very fair to consider giving free CPDs to its Malaysian members and slashed their membership fee to half. This is because NIA consider the plight of its Malaysian members who cannot be admitted to MIA membership and earn MIA salary scale.

With all IFAC requirements in hand and acting and behaving like one good professional member in accountancy adhering to IFAC rules, there is no doubt about it that NIA can EASILY GET A SPONSOR WHO RECOGNISED THEIR PROFESSIONALISM AND VERY SOON ONTO ITS WAY TO ENTRY TO IFAC MEMBERSHIP.

Didn't NIA do that? YES, yes, yes, NIA did that.

AIA? Just follow lah. AIA can just COPY WHAT NIA DID to get (1) sponsorship to IFAC and later (2) IFAC membership.

Sure can success if AIA copy NIA's plans to get IFAC membership.

But please be professional now, AIA, to send those CPD certificates to all its participants. They need it to present to their IFAC member body to sight for attendance per IFAC requirement. This is IFAC requirement. Please do not let IFAC know that AIA did not send CPD certificates after a very long time after the CPD course was conducted. It would be a shame for AIA then. Take up this complain and act immediately in view of your intending entry to IFAC and seeking a sponsor to sponsor AIA to IFAC.

Good luck AIA, you just have to copy NIA's professional plan to get into IFAC.

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By Bil Loh
17th Sep 2007 09:54

Suggested solution

Hi Johnny,

You just said it - people go for ACCA or ICA. Won't you take this advice then, so you won't be "laughed out of town"?

Alternatively, make an appointment with your AIA CEO, Executive Director as well as other Directors and President of AIA to advise them to engage educators and promoters to promote AIA in Ireland and UK.

One suggestion is to award the highest marks students of Ireland's and UK's Top Ten Universities with the "AIA Excellence Award in International Accountancy". This award is given only to students who achieved an average mark of 90% and above at the Top Ten Universities.

On top of that, offer these top students AIA scholarships as well as entry to AIA final part examination fully funded by AIA.

When these top students graduate, offer them full-time employment in AIA. Offer them teaching positions in AIA to teach all the AIA 16 paper examinations. I am sure these top students will be able to promote AIA very well with their names attached to the Top Ten Universities.

As usual, off-track topics comes up on Aweb threads, I would like to suggest that those who have not received their CPD certificates to please write to their branch to seek a copy of the CPD certificates. You may wish to copy UK AIA CEO with a copy of your written letter so that your AIA CEO is kept informed. I am sure AIA UK will follow up on such long delayed CPD certificates issue.

If any of you still did not received your CPD certificates at the time you need to submit your CPD hours as prove of your atttendance, then you may inform your learned professional bodies all the correspondences you have had in tyring to obtain your CPD certificates.

Also, during your meeting with top AIA UK officials, please suggest to them to print CPD certificates of participants who have confirmed their attendance on the course dates. Let the trainer deliver the CPD certificates to the participants at the end of the course. Those who are not around at the end of the course? ... NO PROBLEM, the branch administrator just have to tell the trainer to add in the words - "NON"attendance to the CPD certificates, ie Certificate of NON-attendance.

Please let me know if you have any comments concerning my input here today.

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By AnonymousUser
01st Oct 2007 11:18

Certificate of NON-attendance CPD
Better than never implement this excellent idea. I was now told there are walk-outs during the CPD on Deferred Tax.

Please head count every hour, to check your participants' attendance and discipline.

Accountants should behave well and adhere to IFAC rules, not go missing after warming up your CPD seats.

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By AnonymousUser
21st Sep 2007 10:06

CPD certificates
Has AIA by now delivered all CPD certificates to all its CPD participants?

If so, how about AIA Admin giving word of such for the assurance of future AIA students and members that it has taken steps to resolve such minor complaint made known to them?

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