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<b>Budget 2006:</b> Tenon launches Budget podcast service. By John Stokdyk

20th Mar 2006
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In the run-up to this week's Budget, Tenon has introduced a podcast service to demonstrate that accountants can and do move with the times.

Hosted by Tenon director of taxation Andrew Hubbard and fellow director Marc Abrams, the podcast series kicked off on 10 March with a 14-minute preview; a detailed analysis of the Budget itself is also now available.

This is no amateur affair. Apart from some cheesy sythesiser horns during the introduction, the preview programme is a polished affair, and is being distributed alongside the likes of Ricky Gervais and Tom Peters in the podcast section of Apple's iTunes Music Store (Tenon's podcast, along with most of the other podcast content, is free to download).

Hubbard and Abrams handle the two-handed format with aplomb, ranging from capital gains tax relief on venture capital investments, the possibility of National Insurance Contributions being levied on dividends paid out by small companies and the rules for tax relief on pensions contributions.

Hubbard, in particular, appears to have carefully studied the cool and calming delivery of PwC's John Whiting, but also has the media savvy to throw in a few abrasive soundbites to inject some excitement into what can be a fairly dry subject.

Moving on to the topic of pensions contributions, Hubbard notes that the intention of the new regime that will come into force on A-day, 6 April, is intended to simply this complex area.

"As soon as you call something a simple regime in tax, you know that you're bound to have problems," he quips before working up to a fairly pointed barb.

"It's astounding that we're so close to A-day, but we still don't understand how tax relief for pensions contributions will be given. I think its absolutely essential that we get some clarity on 22 March, otherwise I can see that we'll be involved with disputes with R for a very, very long time," Hubbard warns.

The Podcast will be available form the Apple's iTunes Music Store in the Business Management and Business Finance Podcast categories. It will also be available for download as an mp3 from the Tenon website.

Elsewhere on the net, many of the big firms and news organisations maintain their own budget sites,which are commendably catalogued by the ICAEW's Information & Library Service.

In the blogosphere, the Tax Payers' Alliance research team has been running a commentary on budget issues. Taking a leaf out of Tenon's book, Dennis Howlett promises to demonstrate what practices could be doing themselves by blogging his analysis on as the day unfolds.

If, instead of dealing with multiple streams and podcast downloads, you are looking for a single online source that collects together the key announcements and expert analysis, there is always AccountingWEB's Budget page, the profession's first and most reliable electronic Budget news service.


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John Stokdyk, AccountingWEB head of insight
By John Stokdyk
20th Mar 2006 19:27

Brutality of the amateur music critic

My apologies for the insensitivity of my adjectives in the piece. While the sound quality did lead me to make some unkind assumptions about the horn parts, I did enjoy the theme tune as a whole.

Perhaps some of the other community members who listen in will let me know if I was unfair. And now that you've raised the issue, perhaps we should research whether Mr Whiting at PwC counts composition and orchestration among his accomplishments.

Meanwhile, break a leg on Thursday.

John Stokdyk
Technology editor

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