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Community Award winners of 2014

19th Dec 2014
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The results of the community awards 2014, sponsored by Clear Books are out... and for those curious to know who scooped the top titles this year, here they are, with scores as of today.

Voted categories:

Member of the Year 

You voted for Andy.Partridge as member of the Year in 2014, with Portia coming a close second and ShirleyM as third. 

Andy has however declined to accept the award due to concerns about polling, which now will go to Portia as a result.

Andy was however described on an earlier thread by Jaywood as having an "incredibly sharp mind" and being "a logical thinker". 

"Does not get side tracked by personal issues. A thoughtful contributor. Genuinely wants to help," he said.

Congrats to our top three members of the year - and to Portia who has scooped the top prize. 

Blogger of the Year

This year's best blogger title has been scooped by Man of Kent, followed by The Financial Controller's Diary and Jennifer Adams' The Final Straw. 

Kent Accountant's blog focuses on sharing ideas with other sole/small practitioners and passes on advice to those looking to start out on their own.

Well done Kent! 

Tech champion of the Year

Paul Scholes scooped this prize, getting around 37% of votes. Close behind was member JC and AccountingWEB's own John Stokdyk.

Scholes was described by nominators as a "top banana", leader in the paperless revolution and by Maslins as having a lot of knowledge on the various accounting software solutions.

We salute you Scholes!

Tax/technical whiz of the Year

There are a number of excellent contributors on AccountingWEB in this area, but you voted for Steve Kesby as top, taking 38% of the vote. He was followed in second place by Portia and Johngroganjga. 

Non voted for categories

Quote of the Year: Nisha Patel (A Mum and an Accountant) on the Practice Excellence Conference 2014: "I feel like I've been to a rock concert for accountants!  In awe and inspired at meeting all the people on @AccountingWEBuk for real."

Most thanked member of the Year:  ireallyshouldknowthisbut with 243 thanks overall in 2014.

Personality of the Year:

For personality of the year we took a look at some of our best commentators and bloggers and have chosen our top three: 

  • Pension Playpen's Henry Tapper - as auto enrolment starts impacting a lot of our members and their clients, Henry stepped up to the mark to deliver informative and humorous blogs about the topic for our audience. He was also a finalist at The Pitch 2014, where he brought that knowledge with him to the audience there. Congrats Henry! 
  • Second is long-term blogger Philip Fisher, whose blogs about theatre, audio-visual and the profession in general are peppered with his unique style and well-read. Thanks Philip for being a great community member and personality! 
  • Third but by no means least is Simon Sweetman, another of our long standing bloggers and contributors, who certainly injects his personality into every piece he writes. Thanks Simon for bringing such great content to our site and for keeping us informed on the latest issues affecting the profession, both politically and otherwise.

Thread of the Year: Top thread (most commented) was the debate about Scottish Independence, Any Scottish members out there? with 16,563 views and 589 comments. 

Second was a thread on auto enrolment with 5,998 views and 203 comments, and in third place was Can I call myself a qualified accountant? with 9,612 views and 164 comments.

You've all been amazing members this year - thank you for participating in the site and for making this a great community for both the editorial team to work with and for everyone to participate in.

This year our level of engagement, traffic, and users rose dramatically on previous years, meaning there are now more and more of you - and so some very exciting things ahead for 2015 - including our second Practice Excellence Conference! 

Have a Happy Christmas and a great New Year.


Replies (15)

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By tom123
19th Dec 2014 11:39

Well done to all

Congratulations and well done to all above,

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By ShirleyM
19th Dec 2014 11:48

Congrats to all the winners

... and a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all AWebbers. :)

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By raybackler
19th Dec 2014 12:02

Andy Partridge

Still a winner in my book!

The technical knowledge and humour of the contributors on this forum are wonderful.  Who said accountancy was boring.

Merry Christmas one and all.

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By Howard Marks
19th Dec 2014 12:12

Top banana

I feel honoured my comment got mentioned!!!

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
19th Dec 2014 12:14

A Big Well Done

To all those winners and those involved in running the site.

Best Wishes for the Holidays. (if tax returns allow you to have one).

Lets hope 2015 is a better year for everyone.

Merry Xmas




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Locutus of Borg
By Locutus
19th Dec 2014 12:32

Well done to all, especially two that I know in person - Paul Scholes and Kent Accountant.

"Andy has however declined to accept the award due to concerns about polling"

Mmmm ... sounds intriguing.  Voting irregularities?!?

Merry Christmas all.

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Replying to algieb:
Red Leader
By Red Leader
19th Dec 2014 12:42

George C Scott

Andy Partridge - the George C Scott of Accounting Web! Both refused to accept the top prize that their profession had to offer.

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By Cantona1
19th Dec 2014 12:44

Paul has Good manners

I voted for Paul Scholes ONLY.

Not only for his knowledge on IT, but above all for his manners. He is very pleasant person and he does not ridicule and patronise members.

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By mrme89
19th Dec 2014 12:56

Congratulations to the winners and runners up. 


I can't help but feel that members that are on the payroll of the sponsors should be excluded from the nominations though. Especially as JC seemed to be the clear winner as recently as Wednesday when I last had a nosey on the voting. Perhaps it was just a sudden rush of voters though. 


I also notice the lack of votes across all across all categories ... perhaps next year the posts can be bumped so they are not pushed down Any Answers so quickly.

Thanks (3)
By Paul Scholes
19th Dec 2014 13:22


As some will know, I've had personal reasons to regard this as the worst year of my life and so to read the above has brought a warm glow, MANY THANKS.

To be honest, I had completely missed this year's request for votes and had no idea CB was sponsoring it so I fully understand your comments mrme89.

Just to clear any misunderstanding, I still run my practice, with clients using Clearbooks, FreeAgent, Xero, Quickbooks and, unbelievably, even S*ge , but I also act as a consultant for CB.  I hope I have always made this clear on posts and, if I feel I could be swayed by my relationship, I won't comment.

Having said all that, mrme89 is right, I should not have been considered for the award and have no problem e-returning it.

This doesn't diminish in any way, the warm glow.

Happy Hols to all.


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By mrme89
19th Dec 2014 13:32

Paul, if you were voted winner, you shouldn't give up your award.


I just hope some comments are taken on board for next year, as the voting system seems to have been shambolic this year.

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By Flash Gordon
19th Dec 2014 14:00


I wouldn't have it showing the votes - that way no-one has the foggiest until it's announced. And stick it on the front page or something.

But well done everyone. Jolly good show! 

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Sarah Douglas - HouseTree Business Ltd
By sarah douglas
23rd Dec 2014 01:22

Well done to all

Hi Well done 

Sad as it it to say good bye to best year ever 2014.  What a year it has been and I will be sad to see the back of it.   Which all years could be like 2014 .  Best Games Ever.

Edit 22-12-14

In light of  Glasgow News RIP to the families and loved ones who have lost a loved one.  My comment above was written before this.  I was a volunteer for Glasgow and I have no words. 

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By Dan Izzard
19th Dec 2014 14:38

Well done everyone!

As has been said, thanks for everyone who has contributed to the site in 2014. It's been a cracker.

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By stepurhan
22nd Dec 2014 09:19


Last year's most thanked prize was based on number of thanked posts. The winner then was ShirleyM with 618 thanked posts

According to Rachael Power in this thread the count this year was supposed to be based on total thanks received instead. Accordingly you'd expect a much higher figure for most thanked member, not the much lower figure as we have here.

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