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Community Awards 2020: The winners are...

AccountingWEB' Community Awards returns this year to raise a glass to all of the committed readers who kept the heart of AccountingWEB beating. Our members have been voting throughout December and we can now reveal who picked up these prestigious gongs. And the winners are…

18th Dec 2020
Community Assistant AccountingWEB
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Thank you all for getting involved and voting for your fellow AWEB readers this Christmas. It’s been a tough year but it’s good to know the community is there to help. We hope everyone is having a well-deserved break over the holidays - fingers crossed that 2021 is kinder!

Without further ado, the winners of the 2020 Community Awards are:

Technology Champion: johnt27

Congratulations to the most tech savvy user of AWEB, johnt27. This user was consistently there to answer all your tricky tech questions throughout the year, and is a highly appreciated member of the community.

Johnt27 has offered tips on using MS Teams, Practice Ignition, expense software and even guided a user on software suitable for a window cleaner. As a tech champion, johnt27 is often seen on the Any Answers forum kicking the tyres of the latest software like Clarity and Airtable

Tax Whiz: richard thomas

A massive thank you to our tax expert, richard thomas. A clear winner, as shown through multiple threads where he set the record straight with his expertise (such as this thread subtitled richard thomas ), and an extremely valued contributor of AWEB. A former tribunal judge, Thomas brings a unique and definitive answer to many threads on Any Answers.

"I am probably the only person on here with first hand experience of having to say these kinds of things out loud (when giving an extempore decision in the Tribunal), of hearing counsel and other representatives mangle them and of talking less officially with Parliamentary Counsel who draft them," noted Thomas in a recent response.   

Comedy Award: ireallyshouldknowthisbut

Congratulations to this reader who brought some comic relief into the forum and made those heavy threads a bit lighter. A member since 2010, IRSKTB's wit is even found on their bio: "Nothing in this profile is actually true. Or is it? Who knows, who cares."

An example of IRSKTB's humourous contributions can be found in the recent news of accountants topping the swearing league table. "Well I was dragged up in deepest Essex where swearing is just really punctuation and emphasis," noted the comedy award winner. "Every time Rishi stands up in front of a camera I do have a Pavlovian response constructed mainly of words you would not say in front of the queen."

Honourable mention goes out to Tax Dragon, who bagged a close second by public acclaim.

Most Read Thread of the Year: Resignation during furlough

Posted in April, the thread got to the heart of one of the biggest furlough headaches for the accountancy profession in the early stages of the nationwide lockdown. AccountingWEB member Matrix was looking for help when an employee resigned and gave a month's notice. The reader assumed furlough ceased as a result. But their client disagreed since there is no access to the office to work. The AccountingWEB regular told the client that they're not happy to claim furlough for this period. 

This thread pulled in almost 68,000 reads in eight months and garnered 37 comments. Later in the thread, Matrix said the client's adviser confirmed that the resignation did not affect the furlough. So Matrix put the claim in on that basis.

People’s Choice Thread: Breach of confidentiality - A fan favourite, this thread received over 3,000 reads in just two months and was the most popular thread amongst voters.

Member of the Year: lionofludesch

This member received the highest amount of thanks throughout the entirety of 2020. The member already got a 'roar of approval' from their AccountingWEB cohorts back in September when they became the first contributor to hit 10,000 thanks.

AWEB regulars lined up to thank this year's member of the year. New to Accountancy said: "I've certainly added a few 'thanks' to that total. Your contributions are invaluable." Cheshire agreed: "No nonsense approach to tax and accounting, but one I'm sure could easily do battle with HMRC in case of need (I suspect some taking your approach will flounder at that point). Also, lots of witty comments that have brought a smile or a good old laugh out loud moment."

Acknowledging the outpouring of appreciation from their fellow members, Lionofludesch said: "Ach well, amidst all the adulation, I do feel that I ought to have contributed more to the accountancy side of the forum. Or perhaps I should've had a career in stand-up."

Lionofludesch has been an AccountingWEB member since February 2009 and is regularly seen celebrating annual northern holidays such as Lancashire day, Northumberland Day and Yorkshire day.

A massive well done and thank you for all your contributions to AccountingWEB. Congratulations to all our winning members, our nominees, and everyone who was nominated by fellow members.


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By Justin Bryant
18th Dec 2020 12:26

Good to see Breach#2 & RT winning. TD seems to have won something of some sort re his probably unintended funny nonsense comments. Either that or a sympathy vote of some kind perhaps.

I'm surprised the CT61 or HICBC threads weren't the most read. Must try harder next year!

BTW, re CT61s HMRC accept there can be different types of DLA here at least (so there should not necessarily be an automatic CT61 payment rule there):

Thanks (1)
By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
18th Dec 2020 15:22

*takes a bow*

Well done to everyone who makes this place somewhere to drop into when you need some help, a point in the right direction, a kick up the backside, a laugh, or particular this year - a shoulder to cry on.

I can honestly say in the darkest days this year (which coincided with the most daylight) this place has been a life safer knowing it was not only me who was really struggling. It was a good team effort just being alerted to when documents had been released, and help understanding what they meant before being changed again 2 weeks later. All that made a big difference to me this year, and meant less stress and better advice to clients.

It certainly the toughest year I have had professionally, and glad to know some of my silly posts have put a smile on faces.

Can we also have a big thumbs up for the 'new girl' Tallula stepping into the bear pit of grumpy old practitioners.

Thanks (4)
Replying to ireallyshouldknowthisbut:
By stepurhan
28th Dec 2020 17:19


I have been off the forums for a little while, but understand I was a candidate for the Comedy Award (a friend I also know outside the forums told me). Glad it went to your good self instead. Well deserved.

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By Paul Crowley
19th Dec 2020 15:58

Noteworthy that Lion got an absolute zero response from the moderaration types. All recognised by Tax dragon

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By lionofludesch
23rd Dec 2020 16:00

I'm very gratified to receive this award.

I suspect that the thanks I get is proportional to the number of posts I make, which is boosted by the amount of spare time I have these days.

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Replying to lionofludesch:
Hallerud at Easter
24th Dec 2020 22:52

What sort of acceptance speech is that? We want all the thanks to everybody you have ever met, your chiropodist who made it all possible, parents for supporting you etc, you then need to take a swipe at some current topical issue and in an ideal acceptance speech swear a bit and fall of the internet stage. In an ideal world a closing statement pointing out, in a very slurred voice, that the "Yorkies are coming" would fit the bill.

Edit- I also ought to have said congratulations in amongst all the above, presume they will post you your award so you can tell us what it looks like. (A calculator on a pedestal or maybe a keyboard)

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