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Dave Hartnett joins Deloitte as consultant

28th May 2013
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Former HMRC permanent secretary for tax Dave Hartnett has joined Big Four firm Deloitte.

Hartnett, criticised for his pivotal role in agreeing so-called ‘sweetheart' tax deals including those with bank Goldman Sachs and Vodafone, will work for the firm one day a week as a consultant.

Deloitte confirmed his role would be to advise foreign governments and tax administrations, particularly in the developing world - but not private sector clients.

The firm provides accountancy services to global companies such as Vodafone and Starbucks.

A spokesperson said: “He has significant experience in advising such countries on the development of effective tax regimes, necessary to ensure their continued economic growth. He will not work with UK companies or HMRC.”

Hartnett’s appointment was subject to approval by both the Prime Minister and advisory committee on business appointments.

There are a set of conditions around his role, which end in July 2014, including not being able to engage in work which he advises on how UK tax for Deloitte clients can be avoided or mitigated.

Hartnett also cannot advise companies whose cases he was involved with at the Revenue, or become personally involved in lobbying government on behalf of Deloitte.

The 62-year-old left HMRC 10 months ago following revelations of his involvement in ‘sweetheart’ tax deals.

Hartnett was involved in reaching a settlement between Goldman Sachs and HMRC, which UK Uncut claimed led to the taxpayer losing £20m in NICs in 2010.

The High Court has since ruled that the deal was lawful.

The former Revenue tax executive has also served on the financial crime committee for HSBC since January 2013. 


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By pembo
29th May 2013 16:44

lets hope

he does as good a job advising these foreign governments on "effective" tax regimes as he did here. Like water off a ducks back to these people eh ??

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By pembo
30th May 2013 10:47

Lord Acton

bless him was spot on with


"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."

Interesting the apparent lack of interest in this post that I suspect 20 years ago would have been a major scandal. Shows how blase everyone has become about the insidious corruption of the ethical compass of the great and good whether in the public or private sector. On ehting and one thing only ruiles One

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By Sherwood
30th May 2013 12:37

Two words describe him -

Incompetence and Greed

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By DMGbus
30th May 2013 13:28

Breach of confidentiality / other similar rules

It is my understanding that knowledge gained by HMRC staff is protected by legislation - protected from disclosure to parties outside HMRC.

I do hope that the inside knowledge gained from working within HMRC is not shared with new employment / occupation.

There is "for the protection of public revenue" quite an amount of HMRC internal guidance that is NOT published.   Do we know if this knowledge will or will not now be passed to a third party outside HMRC? 

I suppose there always will be issues when "gamekeeper turns poacher" and this might be very valuable to big-ticket £ tax avoiders who may gain an "inside track" because of something akin to "conflict of interest" or "breach of (former) employer confidentiality".


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By Carl B
31st May 2013 10:56

What expertise does he have

What expertise does he have with which to advise anybody on tax administration?  All we seemed to get is reams of legislation of ever-increasing complexity and a tax authority that bleats about "fairness" while allowing people like Hartnett to let multinationals get away with millions. I can't see how this can enhance PWC's reputation, such as it is.

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Replying to DJKL:
03rd Jun 2013 09:34

It certainly shouldn't harm PWC's reputation

Carl B wrote:

I can't see how this can enhance PWC's reputation, such as it is.

Given that it is Deloitte that he has joined ;)

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By pawncob
31st May 2013 19:16

Tit[***] for tat

That says it all.

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By taxbakbristol
04th Jun 2013 06:31

I didnt need a crystal ball to predict this happenning 12 months ago.I really dont know what to say about this .Its just incredible that HMR&C should come to be what they are today.They were once considered to be ethical , competent , honest helpfull and approachable (yes I was there then)!!!

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